What’s inside Moments in a Minute?

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need all that gear! You too can learn how to make films online!

When you think filmmaking, you think gear. You need cameras, lights and action to shoot movies. That’s just a fact, right? Wrong! 

Here’s what you really need in your toolbag: Passion. Drive. Innovation. (And if you’ve still got room, maybe a granola bar or two ’cos we ain’t stopping till the job gets done!)

We’re going to teach you how to create films with the tools you have to hand. By the end of it, you’ll have a stunning one-minute film entirely created by you; the first step on your epic filmmaking journey.

Welcome to Moments in a Minute!

Mirrorless Filmmaking
Our flagship course is for camera-users who want to raise their game from ‘yeah, not bad…’ to ‘HOLY SMOKESTACKS, IMMATAKEOVERTHEWORLD!!’. You’ll learn everything from the technical aspects of creating content on small, mirrorless cameras to utilising the tools around you in order to conjure up Tarantino-esque epics on a tiny budget.

We throw all the tips, tricks and hacks we’ve gleaned from 8 years of industry experience into a digestible yet comprehensive guide to hand-held shooting and ‘run and gun’-style filmmaking.


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Why is Moments in a Minute only open for registration for one week?!

We have toiled over creating 40 unique episodes for users to learn filmmaking from the ground up,

and we put just as much effort into looking after the crew that joins us on their filmmaking journey!

So to make sure we can give our users the utmost attention in our private member's group,

and participate in bi-monthly class calls, we only open for registration a few times a year.

So get in while you can! See you inside.

What our members and past video students are saying…

"This is a course that I would highly recommend, Moments in a Minute is the perfect course for all stages in your craft, whether you’re just getting started, looking for a new perspective or techniques at an experienced level. Each stage of the course is detailed perfectly without dragging out too long, cutting out the pointless chit chat you might see in online YouTube videos. The online forum is perfect for bouncing off ideas and having your questions and problems answered. A real bang for your buck and more!"

- Jason Hazle,
Art Director, Drizabone Aus.

"The Moments in a Minute course is jammed packed with valuable information for us to learn at our own pace, which is so incredibly helpful. But I think the highlight for me, is Andy’s teaching style. He has a wonderful way of answering all of our questions (particularly in the group sessions) and giving examples in ways that help us understand the fundamentals, not just the gear. Andy’s wealth of knowledge and experience is so abundant and his enthusiasm for teaching others is so refreshing."

- Jeanine Gagnon,
Love and Forage.

"Having been a photographer for years, I had always wanted to learn to use my camera to shoot film projects. As someone with zero experience in film making, I have been stoked on how easy the Moments in a Minute course has been to follow and understand. The course has shown me you don’t need to use all the most expensive gear to create epic films. Applying what I have learnt each week and combined with Andy’s supportive feedback, I can only see this help grow my business."

- Damien Bowerman,

About the Founder

My name’s Andy and I love making films. You might say I’m addicted. I even have the paperwork to prove it - a bonafide degree in Photography.

I grew up in a country town in North-West Tasmania (as you might be able to guess, there’s not a lot of cinema out that way), and soon moved further afield to pursue my photographic ambitions. However, static shots just weren’t enough! I definitely loved creating cinematic images, but things didn’t click until those images started moving. I fell in love with the emotions and feelings you can stir up in audiences when using the beautiful medium of cinema.

When it comes to filmmaking, creating, business and networking, I don’t have a filter. If I have a conversation with someone about cinema, they’re getting covered in passion. I really should start handing out personal rain jackets, because working with me is like sitting in the front row at Water World: The Splash Zone of Enthusiasm.

I love any kind of storytelling. As long as I’ve got a camera in my hand, I’m good to go. Shooting documentaries are just as fulfilling to me as shaping and moulding visual narratives. I also love passing on what I’ve learned to burgeoning filmmakers. Five years ago, I started teaching video at a creative camp called Yeah Field Trip. Now I’m taking what I’ve learned over the years online, heading up the best Melbourne filmmaking course you’ll ever clap eyes on!

A sneak peak at what's inside:


  • The ‘style finder’
  • Whats inside?
  • Discounts and deals


  • Camera navigation
  • White balance
  • Picture profiles
  • Resolutions
  • PAL or NTSC?
  • Exposure
  • Sound capture
  • Composition


  • Camera choice
  • Lens choice
  • Microphones
  • Stabilizers


  • IBIS
  • Dynamic movements
  • Free lensing
  • Natural and artificial light
  • In-camera transition
  • The plan of having no plan


  • Storage and files
  • Culling footage in Premiere
  • Song/Sound hunting & cutting
  • Transitions - simple & effective
  • Exporting for IG and FB


  • Engagement on Instagram
  • Cross-platform use of your content
  • Reach out to brands - my template
  • Adding video to your business



  • 40+ individual, digestible lessons, designed to make filmmaking ready and available to you, right here, right now.
  • Access to ALL future content as we update the course
  • First 10 sign-ups receive a FREE 1-hour mentor session
  • Access to our private Facebook community resource
  • $1967 in Value & discounts on gear and software to progress your filmmaking.

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